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Homeschool links

Here are some links to help you on your homeschool journey.


Ann Voskamp says, “I stayed up late for too long and wrote a book, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. I weep and wonder when I read how God’s changing lives through those humble pages and it’s just proof that God really does use broken, messed up, and fallible lives anyways.… but honestly? the only words that really matter? Are the ones I live. This convicts me. I keep writing it out here on aholyexperience.com everyday, the words I am seeking to live — about this wondrously messy, everyday-holy life…. about finding the beauty and quiet, about slowing to see the sacred in the chaos, the Cross in the clothespin, the flame in the bush…Just listening – laundry, liturgy, life, — holy ground. A holy experience — because all of life flames with God. It’d be pure grace to walk a bit, you and I – to live the words together…

The foundation of the Heart of Wisdom philosophy is to give up man’s standards and lean on God for what He would have us teach our children. Matthew 6:33 is our focus, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Heartland Truly Moving Pictures recognizes and honors filmmakers whose work artistically expresses hope and respect for positive values of life. Heartland is a cultural institution, but it’s also an ideal. The organization was formed around the belief that great films can inspire people to accomplish amazing things. They can increase our understanding of the world around us. They can motivate us to treat one another with compassion and respect.

Donna Young started this web site in 1998. She was teaching her children at home, had bought a new internet capable computer, and decided to put her homeschool and household files online. Aside from a few donated files, Donna makes all the content for donnayoung.org using several programs such as drawing programs and word processors. Most of all, this website is a place on the internet from where you may print homeschool planners, household planners, Calendars, handwriting lessons, printable worksheets or papers for several subjects. DonnaYoung.org has grown over the years and continues to grow. Meanwhile, Donna’s children have graduated from home school and life goes on.

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (first published 1999 by W.W. Norton and now in its third edition) offers a step-by-step, grade-by-grade, subject-by-subject guide to the classical pattern of education called the trivium. Thousands of parents have used the curricula, books lists, and methods of The Well-Trained Mind to teach their children successfully at home–either full-time or as a supplement to classroom education. Their site complements the information in the book, providing updated resources, articles, links, forum, support, and more. Begin to explore our site resources here!

At FreelyEducate.com, They focus on high quality, 100% free educational finds. They post for the children: preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school. I also post for homeschoolers, teachers, students, and families who love to learn together.

Cindy Downes created the How to Homeschool Today website for parents and teachers who know the value of a customized education — one that meets the specific needs of their students.

This site is dedicated to helping you homeschool your children using the Charlotte Mason method and wonderful philosophy of education.

Every weekday, Monday through Friday, they post a new homeschooling “freebie” to this site. What kind of “freebies”? Stuff like: Unit Studies… Ebooks… Audio Programs… Games… Samples… Lesson Plans… classic books… and other quality resources! This is the REAL THING. Many of these will be products that you would normally pay for on their regular websites… but here on the Homeschool Freebie of the Day site, they’re 100% free… at least for that one day! Just download your copy and enjoy! It’s as simple as that!

Google Earth

Expert Village-YouTube (should be screened first)

Teacherspayteachers.com- lots of freebies!

Enchantedlearning.com – lots and lots of printables