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Cleaning out the Closet


Today was a challenge. I am realizing how very weak I am. I am realizing the depth of original sin and the enormous feat Jesus accomplished when He paid for my sins. I can relate to Paul when he said he was the chiefest among sinners. My eyes are now opened to the enormous task it is going to be to learn how to renew my mind and eventually learn how to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh. I realized that the process of renewing one’s mind and heart is much like cleaning out a dirty closet.

When that closet is full of junk, yet the door can remain closed, life seems so much easier, but is it? The answer is no. It is difficult to function in doing even the simplest of tasks. Where is that matching sandal or my favorite skirt? What should take a few moments, takes many minutes or even more! The entire day is off now because so much time was spent rummaging through that mess in the closet. One realizes that if the daily routine is going to be productive and run smoothly, that closet has to addressed!

So, eventually the time is found to begin the dreaded task of cleaning and sorting. Of course, in order to clean a closet effectively, everything has to be taken out and each item has to be dealt with one by one. For a while the rest of the house is overcome with clutter and it doesn’t look like any progress is being made at all….. Quite the contrary, it looks like things are getting messier! But, with some patience, perseverance and a little organizational skills, things being to move in the right direction. After the job is done, a deep sense of satisfaction arises and life is good. Getting dressed is easier now and even the day seems to flow better because of the time that was invested in cleaning out that messy closet.

So back to my day. I have made a decision to stop pushing down the mess in my heart. We Christian women do that, you know? If we feel an emotion that we know is ungodly, we push it deeper down into our heart and ignore it. Out of sight out of mind, right? No! If one does that long enough, life is not pleasant at all! The Lord doesn’t want us to ignore our emotions, but rather to acknowledge them and deal with them. One cannot have an emotion, good or bad, without a thought. The Lord wants for us to get to the root of our mess. If an emotion is unpleasant and causing us to lose our peace, then it is probably because we are not thinking correctly….. According to God’s Word. It is an opportunity to renew our mind. He calls His children to a great exchange: our stinkin thinkin for His Perfect truth. Through patience and perseverance our minds and hearts can be clean. Don’t be afraid of dealing with the mess.

Think of it like gold being refined by fire. The heat and pressure of the flames cause all the impurities to rise to the surface. The Goldsmith will skim the impurities away, so don’t lose hope. I am going to have to take my own teaching to heart today. I choose not to be ashamed of my weaknesses; I trust in my Lord and His strength to purify and renew my heart and mind.