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Daily Checklist

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This is a daily checklist created by someone who is discipling me. I have yet to achieve all in one day…emphasis on YET:)

*I use “idle” time wisely (meditating on scriptures, praying in the spirit, thinking positive thoughts, seeing answers to circumstances instead of focusing on the problem).

*I bring negative thoughts into captivity quickly.

*I refuse to judge (determine motive/reason why they did something) others actions.

*My instantaneous automatic system of dealing with problems (challenges, crisis’s, bad news) is giving it to God, and start thanking Him that all things work together for good.

*I maintain an attitude of gratitude throughout the day, if people noticed my countenance, they would say it was pleasant or joyful.

*I maintain an attitude of expectancy throughout the day that something good was happening behind the scenes, that God’s grace/favor are at work.

*I am mindful that everywhere I go and everything I touch was blessed.

*I feel like I’m in-tune with my heart, purposing to hear God’s direction, inspiration or revelation.

*I walk in obedience today (to God’s Word and to the leading, prompting and witnesses within your spirit He gave me throughout the day).

*I purpose to “Inquire of the Lord” throughout the day. This process of asking God for even small directives like; is this a good time to call someone, or shall I go to the store now or later, or shall I go to to this place for lunch.

*I am mindful that I am in this world but not of it, that God has a divine plan for my life and each day is an opportunity for me to fulfill His will for my time here on earth.

*I am Christlike, and people say, “When I hear you speak, watch you at work or see you reach out to others, it is as if I am seeing Jesus working through you.”